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Derbyshire Zazenkai

May 13, 2016

Last Saturday (May 7th) John ‘Suigen’ Kenworthy came across to Bolsover to give an introduction talk and lead some Zazen, we had a good turn out, John as always raised some interesting points, I hope some of the folks will turn up for regular weekly practice.

I’ve finally finished my ‘ricefield’ part of my Rakusu, so as I’m in no hurry to complete the piece, I’ll move on to the border and straps in due course.

On Monday at Aikido (the hottest day in the dojo so far this year) it was back to 3rd kyu syllabus practice, Sensei ‘announced’ that the gradings will be around June-July, so we still have a few weeks to iron out any difficulties (I must admit I was a bit rusty- as we’ve been off syllabus for a few weeks and with the bank holidays) I’m sure a few weeks of intense practice will get things sorted.

I’ve been working towards designing another ‘Budo workshop’ for Springwater Taekwondo, hopefully for the Summer, so we’ll see how that works out.

This weekend, Karen and I will be off to Skipton, for our wedding anniversary, so hopefully we’ll have a good time.


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