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Dojo closure

June 14, 2016

Yes, Sensei dropped that bombshell last night, just before we began class, we have up to the end of July then the doors will close for good at our small rural dojo.


Sensei cited a few reasons for his decision – his back injury (which has prevented him from taking part in active training for several months now) and lack of support from our parent association (BKAA) being the main two.

He offered the club to Sensei Warner, but he didn’t feel he could take on the responsibilities (again with health problems and work commitments).


So there we are, about five or six lessons left.


Sensei wants to get Ian and myself through our 3rd Kyu (which we are about halfway there) and then ‘call it a day’ – which is a really nice gesture.


As I approached the conclusion of my 3rd Kyu practice and grading, I was looking ahead and began to really enjoy my Aikido again….and now this.


So I guess, I have to re-evaluate the future of my Aikido practice once again, the most logical step would be a return to White Rose Aikikai  – which would be great to see all my old classmates and teachers, but on the other hand I have to weigh up the financial implications and the amount of travelling that will entail.


So for now just plod on for the next few weeks, bow out respectfully and then decide which path to take to continue my Aikido journey.


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