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Summer Requiem

September 9, 2016

As the evening shadows begin to lengthen, wasps go through their silly season, and the fist golden leaves fall from the trees, we realise that summer will soon draw to a close.

August has been fairly uneventful this year, we managed to get down to Oxfordshire and Worcester to visit Karen’s family, we also managed a day trip out to Filey and Muston for the scarecrow festival.

I had a text from Ian, he’s started training in Shudokan (Tomiki) Aikido in York, my first taste of Aikido was with the Tomiki club in Wakefield in 2002, (I moved the following year onto traditional Aikido with White Rose Aikikai) I did enjoy the Kata based system of learning and the end of class randori.


I haven’t started training anywhere new since the Ki Aikido club ‘folded’ in July. I’ve just increased my gym attendance for now, I’m still leaning towards Wing Chun, and I’ve found a class at the gym I attend on a Monday night, so it’s just a case of deciding to start before the end of this year or at the beginning of 2017.


I also managed to get to the cinema to see suicide squad – my opinion, well as a DC fan and a huge fan of the Batman franchise, I was going to like it, and have been looking forward to it ever since I first saw the trailers.

OK it wasn’t without faults, mainly due to the editing, and I just hope that the conservative estimate of 10 minutes (to the speculative estimations of 20+ minutes) of cut and deleted scenes appear in the DVD release.


*spoiler alert* The concept of using the enchantress as the ‘feature baddie’ could have been handled a lot better, there was no need really to create a swirling energy weapon. Her brother was enough , and as for turning people into those stone monster things – well, I’m not sure what that was about to be honest – all I can think of is with the fight scenes it reduced the ‘blood & guts’ aspect allowing it to be released with a lower age certificate – IMOHO – it would have been better if the enchantress was raising the dead, and the fight scenes were against zombies.

But overall my completely biased view was that it was a good film and I’m looking forward to the DVD release with hopefully all the extra bits that didn’t make it to the big screen, I really hope for suicide squad 2, they get in people who understand the DC universe a bit better – my nominations – a script by Paul Dini, and film made by Kevin Smith….come on DC people make it happen!


I’m hoping to hear from Master Kaye (from Spring water Taekwondo) about arranging a ‘Budo’ course for them in Sheffield again, last Year was successful and it would be nice to see everyone again.



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