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Last class and look back at 2016

December 21, 2016

Monday night (19/12/16) was our last Wing Chun class before the Christmas break, It was a good mixture of a class covering forms, drills chi sau and some fitness training, as always I enjoyed it.


It seems strange to me now to look back and think that I began the Year training in Ki Aikido, and convincing myself week after week that I was enjoying the training (and with it the constant criticism) whilst at the same time checking my phone on a Monday in hope that I would receive a text informing me that the class was cancelled.


That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the weekly training with Ian, or the little rustic rural dojo, which I did.

I think it was the fact that every lesson was based around the grade syllabus quite literally the syllabus by the side of the mat a week after week, month after month, just grinding through the grade syllabus and with fewer and fewer students to train with or instructors willing to (or able to due to injury) teach an actual class, the club closure in July was I guess inevitable.


Ian has now moved on to train in Shodokan Aikido in York, if he trains with the same enthusiasm and vigour as he did at the Hensall dojo I’m sure he’ll do very well indeed.


In July, after shaking his hand and thanking him for his hard work and effort, (which I meant – I know it was hard work for us both to work through of my Aikikai habits).  I haven’t heard from Sensei, nor do I expect to, he was quite the enigma at times very relaxed on the mat and at the drop of a hat very strict, heavy with the criticism, light with the praise, and yet at time very generous and selfless, there was talk of a get together a month or so after the club closure, but it never happened, and perhaps there’s been too much time for us to dwell on the ‘could have been’,  now, perhaps it’s best that we all move on.


Possibly it was for the best that I finished my Aikido training under Sensei Acaster, so at the end of the year it will be with a sense of stoic acceptance that I pack away my keikogi and other Aikido paraphernalia, rather than a sense of heartbreak.


So now the future is bright and heading in a new direction, I know that my journey in Wing Chun will be a long one, and at the same time an enjoyable one.


I haven’t repeated the same mistake I made when I first started Aikido, which was to read everything I could get my hands on, which was done with the intention of study and to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the art, which looking back I think it also had the adverse effect on increasing the pressure I often put myself through during class.

Sensei Danford (White Rose Aikikai) would often tell me that my Aikido, was too cerebral – to just do it, don’t think about doing it.


This time I’m just taking each class as it comes….turn up, learn and enjoy.


Thanks for reading, seasons greetings and wishing you a happy 2017.


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