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First lesson of 2017

January 13, 2017

Monday the 9th January was our first class back, I wasn’t quite sure what kind of lesson Sifu had planned for us, but as it turned out it was a very steady start back, after a good warm up and stretch, we went into some punching drills and pad work,

Sifu then spent a large amount of class time with some ‘self defence’ training (looking at defences against bear hug, side head lock and a tackle style take down) we finished class with some poon sau and sensitivity drills.

I’m not that thrilled when we spend so much lesson time doing self defence and fitness training, I would much rather spend the majority of class time practicing Wing Chun (especially at my – beginner level).


I recall a similar situation many Years ago, during my Taekwondo years, where after an hour and half of Taekwondo training our Instructor (Master Martin Hall) announced we should get a partner for some self defence, I remember a fellow senior classmate saying to me “I thought that is what we’ve being doing”

Which is fair to say, that we shouldn’t really separate the core structure of the art we’re training in, from self defence, we just need to realise the application of the system, but hey ho…when in Rome and all that.


Mid week I had a martial arts based dream, the first in a while, I was watching Sensei Paul Derrick and Sensei Mark Danford (from White Rose Aikido) teaching a jo and ukemi class, I was stood watching the lesson, wearing my keikogi and hakama holding my jo, simply watching class, I wasn’t invited on to the mats and I didn’t ask to join, I noticed my daughter was in the class doing backwards ukemi’s …I’m not sure has any meaning or significance or whether its just a jumble of unrelated imagery draw from my subconscious, if pushed I may perceive it to symbolise that I’m coming to terms with the fact that my time in Aikido is now behind me and I’m moving forward with my Wing Chun.


Peter was awarded his Green 1, Monday night, and as there were no elaborate grade events as has been my experience in Taekwondo and Aikido(with large halls filled with flags, Grand Masters and much money changing hands) I can only assume that the grades are awarded on a constant assessment (lesson by lesson) basis.


We’re getting our much awaited grade syllabus next week, so can ramp up my practice at home.


I’m looking forward to the Alex Man UK seminar in March.


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