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Nostalgia, it’s not what it used to be..

January 20, 2017

I was watching a repeat of the ‘Goldbergs’ TV show the other day, one of the episode storylines was based around the video rental store, video rental stores – remember them?

In this age of ‘on demand’ video streaming, try explaining to our children that one day when daddy was your age we had to walk or drive to the video rental shop and pay to rent a film, then take it back the next day….

“That’s right pumpkin, Daddy had to go to the rental shop and choose a video, making sure he got a VHS and not the smaller BETAMAX, tapes, we didn’t have them on the hard drive, ermm no we didn’t store things on clouds in those days, we used video cassettes, well pumpkin there like bigger versions of Daddy’s music not CD’s, no not USB sticks, well its like a plastic thingy….just go back to your tablet”

As Shakyamuni Buddha told us over 2,500 years ago, everything is in a state of impermanence. Is all this change for better or worse – well that’s certainly not for me to judge, I suppose that we can either try to hold back these changes like King Canute on the beach trying to hold back the tide, or embrace them (well in my case a quick cuddle rather than a full on embrace).

It seems that 2017 is going to be a nostalgic year for my subconscious, as yet another week and yet another Aikido based dream, this time I was on the mat training, Sensei Riley (White Rose Aikido) was teaching kokyu nage defence from a Shomen uchi attack, after class I remembered that I had left my weapons at the side of the mat, and had to go round a labyrinth of corridors and stairways to get back to the dojo (room at sports centre) to find that the sports centre staff had cleared away the mats and were setting the room out for football or some other sport, my weapons along with many others were just laid on the floor, so I took them and went home…again if I were to analyse the dream – maybe removing my weapons (whilst leaving the others there) is symbolic of my leaving the club?

I think I’ll come back to the theme of nostalgia and the martial arts in a future blog…

However in other news, Sifu talked us through the grade syllabus for Red 1 & 2, as we haven’t had our syllabus’s yet, Sifu is looking at grading us (me and Raybin in a couple of weeks). In Mondays class was good we covered a lot of pad work, forms and chi sau, I really want to brush up on my form, and pass with some high marks.

Wednesday my wife and I had our first prospective adoption meeting, one of many if this is the route we decide to take, we have a ‘cooling off’ period (due to Karen’s fertility treatment last year) so our next meeting is in May, which gives us plenty of time to do some reading and research the subject a bit more, the whole process is looking like an 18 month journey at least.

This weekend we have our ‘Chapter kick off’ for the East & South Yorkshire Chapter of the SGI UK, I spoke to Marcus during the week and apparently our district is being disbanded and we are returning to a group status attached to Sheffield – I’m hoping to get some more info at the Meeting on Saturday.


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