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Practice standing

February 3, 2017

As the only person to turn up to Monday’s class, I had in effect a private class with Sifu.

It was good to have some in depth instruction from Sifu on basics, we did a lot of kicking practice on the kick shield, my hips were aching afterwards, it must be over three years since I’ve done kicking on pads.

We also spent a lot of time on the first form, just getting comfortable standing, and looking at the energy levels in the fuk sau.

On Monday nights out side the room we use at the gym, we regularly have a couple of folks doing pad work, they must think we’re funny, just standing there, breathing and allowing our arms to move in a relaxed natural way – must seem a far cry to the ‘blood and guts’ martial arts they’ve seen on TV.

I asked Sifu, about practice at home, he told me to practice standing, as in the first form, not necessarily doing the whole form as a set form, obviously practice the form, but also just to stand, and just move the hands into position, or work on certain sequences that I’m struggling with (3rd section tan sau part) but mainly practice standing.

He told me that when he trained with Chu Shong Tin, in Hong Kong, they would stand doing first form for two hours, have a quick meal break, then go back and do another two hours.

I’m not what those folks hitting the pads outside, would have thought of that.

It did feel a bit awkward going through drills with Sifu, I remember several years ago training with Sensei Derrick at the short-lived Heckmondwyke (White Rose Aikido) dojo, on one particular occasion I was the only student and it felt really awkward throwing sensei about, as both of us were people of few words, despite the near decade I spent training with Sensei Derrick, we didn’t have many conversations, but at this class, I remember telling him that I felt that I was going one step forward and two backwards, his response was something that I’ll never forget “as you’re making progress, you’re noticing faults that have always been there, but now you’re at the level to perceive it”

Another week and yet another Aikido dream, it involved Sensei Acaster driving Ian and me to a White Rose Aikido Dojo.

So that’s it for this week, now I’m off to practice standing….


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