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Alex Man UK seminar 2017

March 14, 2017

So last weekend (March 11th &12th) was the Alex Man UK seminar in Sheffield, hosted by Sifu William Lai.

I could only afford 1 day, so I went along on the Saturday, the course was well attended, even though the attendance was fairly exclusive for friends and students of William Lai or of the Chu Shing Tin lineage of Wing Chun.

The course was very heavily theory based and the Saturday especially was mainly based around a series of lectures with physical demonstrations to highlight certain points.

Apparently the Sunday seminar included more physical interaction and exercise.

I think at my level (beginner) a lot of what was being taught went over my head, and personally I would have benefited from a more hands on approach, but still it was enjoyable and I was able to take some notes, maybe some of the information will fall into place later in my development.

There was a lot of focus of relaxing our posture, and allowing energy to flow up and down the spine, term like Tai Gong (rotation of the pelvic floor), but I’m not going to try to explain them here, as I don’t have the depth of knowledge to explain sufficiently.


Some Basic Course Notes (Saturday 11th) 

Wing Chun starts with Sui Lim (nim) Tao

Sui Lim Tao, means little idea, so small thoughts, small steps one by one, step by step – this is the learning process, step by step.

Learn to be mindful, be mindful of what your body is doing, where you are holding any tension in your body and then slowly relax.

Training and learning are not the same, learning can take just an instant, whereas you have to train over and over (a term Alex Man often used was one hundred thousand times).

Walking is natural we don’t have to think about how we walk, when to hold tension and when to relax, we just walk, we need to train our Wing Chun (hundred thousand or many hundred thousand times) until our Wing Chun becomes natural like walking.

Continue to relax and open up your joints, don’t hold any tension in your muscles.


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