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Spring is in the air

April 3, 2017

The roadsides are full of daffodils and the early blossoms are brightening the trees, April is rewarding us with the colours of spring.

Last Monday I cancelled my Insure4Sports Insurance renewal, this is my professional indemnity insurance that allows me to teach. It will be the fist time for 15 years that I won’t be licensed to teach martial arts, it runs expires on April 23rd.

I guess this will be an end of one chapter of my journey, and although I don’t teach much anymore except for the very rare request from a couple of old friends with their own clubs, even those seem to have dried up now, the last time I taught a course or class was 2015.

Sifu has set the Wing Chun grade date as Saturday the 22nd April, I’m quite looking forward to the opportunity to grade, Sifu has put me forward for Red-2, so I’m looking forward to that, I passed Red-1 with a different Wing Chun academy in 2013, so although the syllabus is different, and a 3 year absence, I still feel as though I’m moving forward, all be it rather slowly.

Although with the Easter bank holiday weekend, it means we only have two classes left, so I hope we can spend time on syllabus work.

I’ve been practicing zazen this week, I started the week doing twenty minutes in a morning and evening, however I’ve been suffering from cramp in my left leg, so later in the week I dropped it down to ten minutes. It’s been about six months since doing any serious ‘sitting’ so I need to start slowly and take it step by step.

I’ve started reading ‘a blind man in the land of Zen’ by Steve Hobson, which I’m enjoying, I met Steve last year on Zen retreat, a really nice bloke, who took time out to make sure I was settling in and gave me a pep talk, an act of pure compassion, and something I’ll never forget.


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