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Where does the time go?

April 7, 2017

Time is a strange thing, as we go through life, crossing off the days on the calendar, days we’ll never get back, time seems so fixed and rigid, and yet the older I get the quicker time seems to go by we’re now in April, soon before we know it we’ll be facing the summer holidays, and then the slow slope into autumn and winter.

Our Daughter will be eight this year, and my Son twelve, when I look though photographs of my children as they were younger, and wonder where those small children have gone.

John Lennon got it spot on when he said that ‘life happens when you’re busy making other plans’

This time last year, I had almost completed my week of sesshin (Zen retreat) at Crosby Hall with the Stonewater Zen Sangha, an experience whilst not able to financially repeat at least very often, I’ll never forget.

This time nine years ago, I was taking my 1st Dan in Aikido, of all the grades I hold (at the moment) this one is the one I’m most proud of, because it was probably the most difficult to accomplish, perhaps not on a physical level, although it was hard work, and technically challenging  , but more from a personal perspective it was the most nerve racking and as I was going through a time of change and upheaval in my life which I had to deal with alongside my Aikido progression, the passing of that grade, seemed to be a huge stepping stone going forward in my life.

My Wife has decided that she doesn’t want to go forward with the adoption process, our next meeting would have been in May, I must admit the procedures did at times sound as though they would be intrusive and bureaucratic,but I thought that this was the path we were going down, and now I guess not, I think at the end of it the ‘Buddhist’ side of me, wanted to give a child who has had a rough upbringing, a happy family home, maybe I was being a bit naïve.

This week at Wing Chun, well our grades are approaching, so I expected a heavy syllabus based class, but instead Sifu gave us a tough stamina session, followed by some work on forms and pad work. This was our last chance to train with Sifu before we take our grades, as he’s away on holiday next week, and the following week is a bank holiday and as the gym closes early we don’t have a class.

Oh well lets see what happens next week, we have the senior students Darren and Robin taking the lesson.


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