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Trying to escape the hamster wheel

May 19, 2017

Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis, but there comes a time it seems when you stop and look around and think- is this it?

Isn’t there more to life than this hamster wheel going round and round, this cycle of getting up going to work, repeat, repeat, repeat, etc….

Some buy sports cars or motorbikes, or take up extreme sports, being on a tight budget, I looking for a deeper (and less expensive) spiritual meaning to it all.

The more observant among you may have noticed that I’ve changed the tag line on my blog, it’s roughly the same but I’ve replaced the word Buddhism with the word faith.

Regular readers will know that I’ve been struggling with my Buddhist practice and my understanding of the term ‘faith’ in general for a few years now.

I’ve been flip flopping between Zen practice and SGI practice, until recently I realised I had pigeonholed my options because of my adopted label as ‘Buddhist’ – this has also effected other peoples views and opinions of my practice as well it seems.

I commented to my Wife about this situation, and told her I may try a Sunday service at the local Methodist chapel, “oh I can’t see as being a Christian, believing in God and all that” was her response.

I was a little bit taken aback by the response to be honest, just because since she has known me, I’ve been a practicing Buddhist (either as part of a group or just at home) however in my younger days and into my teens I was a regular Sunday morning Church of England congregant, even taking my confirmation from the Bishop David of Wakefield.

So now I’m taking some time, to explore various religious and faith practices, this will be a fairly long process, however I have decided to give my Gohonzon one last try, we’re told as members of Soka Gakkai, to put our practice to the test, to chant for actual proof, after two and half years of practice, I can say that I haven’t received anything yet, I was told that I need to be very specific, so with a very specific time weighted goal, I’ve begun chanting again, and will wait until the end of July to see if this provides any validation or not, I’ve packed away all my Buddhist books, and taken away my altar and other Buddhist paraphernalia, and I’ve gone back to basics just me and my Gohonzon, so lets see what happens.


I’m really enjoying my Wing Chun at the moment, for the last two weeks Sifu has gone back to basic’s and focussed on a very traditional lesson format, lots of forms and chi sau. I’ve added ten minutes on my wall bag to my daily practice


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