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A year ago this week

July 14, 2017

A year ago this week, July the 11th to be precise was our (my) last class in Aikido, Sensei took down and tore up the A4 flyer from the notice board, we got out a few mats, he took a very light warm up and then pretty much left Ian and myself to our own devices, there were only the three of us there, for that final lesson.

We did a standing bow to finish, and I thanked Sensei for his hard work and effort and after 18 months in Ki Aikido and almost 12 Years in Aikido overall I bowed out of the dojo.

This was a time of mixed emotions for me, Sensei had announced the closure of our tiny rural dojo, which was a weekly class help in an old village chapel a month earlier (June 13th – unlucky for us) the class numbers had fallen, a change of leadership at the head of our association and Sensei’s on-going back injury had really forced the issue.

So we had a months notice, in which time Sensei got Ian and me through our 3rd Kyu grades which was a nice gesture, but it was still a shock that my Aikido Journey had come to such a sudden end, it had taken me a long time to get my head around (a) the transition between traditional Aikido and Ki Aikido and (b) the way Sensei taught.

Like I’ve said previously on this blog, that although I had expected my journey in Aikido to last a few (or many) years longer with hopes of once again teaching, the fact that this abrupt ending happened under this particular Sensei, is that the overriding emotion  was one of acceptance rather than heartbreak.

I had a couple of texts from Ian after the closure, he was moving on to the British Aikido Association in York, I wish him all the best, if he trains with as much enthusiasm and energy as he did at the old dojo then I’m sure he’ll do well.

I decided for a fresh start and begun training in Wing Chun.

For months after the closure, I would have dreams with vague Aikido references, sometimes I would be watching a lesson, at other times I would be training, or I would be travelling to a dojo that I couldn’t find.

At the weekend I had another dream, this time I was walking down a street, in a hurry, I saw Sensei Danford supervising some people, we said hello, then passed by, there was no emotional attachment to the event, so maybe this is my subconscious finally giving me some closure

A strange coincidence happened on the 11th, while I was waiting at the train station I bumped into Yusuf Udin a former fellow classmate, and now instructor at Aso-Ryu Aikido club, we exchanged a few pleasantries, again there was no desire to return to Aikido, or regret for the decision that I’ve made.


Onwards and upwards, thanks for reading.


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